Our Guarantees

3 days DOA product guarantee

If one or more of the items you received are damaged, different or not working, you will be protected by this guarantee.

Below please find its procedure:

1. Within 3 days of receiving the product, contact us with a photo or video showing the issue.

-What we will need from you.

A photo or video showing the issue;
A photo of the shipping label and original packaging;
To tell us if you prefer a store credit or replacement;

2. We will review your claim and contact you if we need more information;

3.If approved, we will arrange a store credit or a replacement of the defective product, and you may be asked to return it. We will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees provided you are not cancelling the order.

Will I need to send the item back to Reliable Store?

Only high value products need to be returned. "High value" is determined by our customer service team and it usually refers to items worth R1040 or more. If it is not high value then you do not need to return it and can keep the faulty product.

If we ask you to return the product we will discuss with you the most cost effective way to return ship it to us and give you full instructions including our return shipping address. If we ask you to return a DOA item, we are responsible for paying the return shipping fees.

Where do I send returns?

Reliable Store, 13 Cradleview Industrial Park, Laserpark, Honeydew,1724

Please note that there are terms and conditions before you return the item.

Do I need to return all its components or just the faulty part?

Unless agreed otherwise, you should return the item as well as its original packaging and all its accessories, like batteries, cables, chargers, and similar ones. If one component, accessory or spare part is missing, we will ask you to pay for it.